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Long Term Care Professional Education
Assisted Living Administrator Certification and CEUs
Nursing Home Administrator CEUs
Social Worker CEUs

"A Continuing Tradition of Excellence"

Health Services Education for Long Term Care Professionals, Assisted Living Manager Certification, Nursing Home Administrators - The Center for Health Services Education, CHSER
Management education and training for dedicated and talented individuals
focusing on the knowledge and skills required to provide quality care and
service for our national treasure

- our seniors and the physically and mentally challenged. -

* New CHSER Certification Designation - Certified Assisted Living Administrator - C.A.L.A - Nationally Recognized Credential *

Continuing Education (CE)
Credit Hours for:
  • Assisted Living Managers/Administrators

  • Licensed Nursing Facility Administrators

  • Social Workers


Training on Useful Topics for
Other Health Care Providers:
  • Adult Day Care

  • Home Health

  • Hospice

  • Hospitals

  • Any Organization Working with Seniors


Other Services Available Through CHSER:

  • Market Feasibility Studies

  • Project Feasibility Studies

  • Professional Consultation

  • Custom Designed Education & Training Programs

  • Market Research

  • Health Care & Consumer Product Research for Seniors

  • Real Estate Brokerage Services for Long Term Care Properties

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2016 - Our 21st Successful Year!

Assisted Living Managers/Administrators
Nursing Home Administrators
Other Health Professionals

All certificates are not equal. The CHSER Certified Assisted Living Administrator Certificate is a professional credential -NOT just a
certificate of completion or attendance. Click on
"What is Certification?" for more information."

Take Your Career to a Higher Level
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Right NOW!
It's possible to change your view of continuing education
with our exceptional Education Programs
*all CLASSROOM HOURS approved by NAB►


Assisted Living Management Certification program


Advanced Practice Series




Custom Designed Training programs for
organizations & Companies



Level I & Level II classes and Advanced Practice Seminars will not be held in 2016.


The Center for Health Services Education and Research (CHSER) has been training Long Term Care Professionals for 18 years providing education for assisted living managers, nursing facility administrators, and other long term health care professionals.  The CHSER founders, Dr. Beth Knox and Dr. Marian Upchurch, are credentialed in long term care administration and have over 40 years of combined experience in providing outstanding professional education and training for health care providers in both the academic and private sectors.  In addition, experts in health care professions are included in CHSER Programs and Seminars to present specialized content and current industry trends.

Whether you are beginning in the long term health care field or are an experienced health care provider needing additional credentials and information, The Center for Health Services Education and Research offers training and certification programs which are designed to enhance your skills, credentials, and career opportunities.

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Beginning Our Eighteenth Successful Year!

The Center for Health Services Education and Research
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Health Care Education with CHSER, The Center for Health Services Education and Research
Health Care Education with CHSER, The Center for Health Services Education and Research
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Health Care Education with CHSER, The Center for Health Services Education and Research
What is Certification?
National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long Term Care Administrators
National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards

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Health Care Education with CHSER, The Center for Health Services Education and Research

Why do so many professionals choose CHSER Programs?

"Outstanding! ... Much broader scope ... wonderful presenters!"

"Great information in a fun and relaxed atmosphere ..."

"It was exceptional ... The presenters were interesting and exciting."

"You are the best in the field!"

"Overall - no comparison to other programs ... Knowledgeable presenters with firsthand experience."

"Filled with information on a wide variety of subjects."

"Definitely worth the money! --- You both are great instructors!"

"This is by far the most interesting, informative, and fun program that I have ever attended in my 13 years of obtaining CEU's."


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