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What is Certification?


The certificate offered through the Center for Health Services Education and Research (CHSER) is an authentic, individually numbered professional credential developed by CHSER. 
It is NOT merely a certificate of program attendance or completion. 

By one definition, valid certification is a process by which an agency or association grants recognition to an individual who has met certain predetermined qualifications specified by that agency or association.

The CHSER certificate requires successful completion of 40 educational hours and a passing score of 70 on an examination.  In addition, CHSER voluntarily submits programs for external review for quality assurance purposes.

The Certified Assisted Living Manager (C.A.L.M.) designation was developed by CHSER approximately 18 years ago.  Effective October 1, 2009, this designation changed to Certified Assisted Living Administrator, C.A.L.A. to reflect national terminology including the language of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).

A credible certification program typically has the following characteristics:

  1. It exceeds the minimum requirements for a profession.

  2. It is reviewed and approved by at least one appropriate external entity.

  3. It is directed and/or taught by persons with credentials in the subject matter of the program.

  4. It requires a passing score on a comprehensive examination.

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